165,000 Thank Yous

After 4 years of publishing, Valencia International has received its 165,000th visit.

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We have been very active, offering routes to discover Valencia, visiting schools, initiating and collaborating on projects and, above all, promoting Valencia, our chosen home.

Valencia International was founded with the intention of promoting Valencia by publishing all the good news about our adopted land, and emphasising its international aspects.

We have now published more than 900 original articles, all carefully designed and researched to convince our readers why they should live, do business or invest here, or why they should be proud to be Valencian.

Today, reading a newspaper can be a depressing business; it seems that the publishers of newspapers believe that only bad news sells. We, on the other hand look for good news; not because we want to ignore the very real problems, but because we believe that people need a place to go to recharge their batteries, and to remember that, even if there are villains in the world, there are also heroes too.

We also collaborate with teachers and educational institutions by helping students enjoy the English language and have visited many schools and organised routes and exhibitions since starting this adventure, as well as publishing job opportunities.

We are very happy to receive stories or ideas for articles and will continue collaborating with individuals, companies, NGOs and institutions to spread the good news about Valencia.

Thanks for reading us. Tell your friends!


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  1. valenciacfonline Reply

    June 3, 2015 at 15:20

    amen. Valencia is paradise. no where better to live.

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