WeOn Glasses: Safety in Sight

The Valencian Company WeOn Glasses, based in Elche, has developed a product to help fight against gender violence and stalkers.


Weon Glasses are the first smart glasses —optical or sunglasses— to interact with a smartphone or tablet. Like James Bond you can use your glasses to take photos from a distance, without having to hold your phone, or gouge out other people’s eyes with one of those annoying selfie sticks.


If, like James Bond, you are often kidnapped, WeOn glasses will help you notify your rescuers as to where you are.


In collaboration with security firm Dr. Security, the wearer only has to press a button on the frame of the glasses if she (or he) feels threatened. As the alarm is undetectable, the assailant doesn’t know that he (or she) is now the threatened one.


Perhaps most important of all, the device allows absent-minded people to locate that pesky mobile that, for some reason or other, they left in the fridge.

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