Walk Tall with Kmina

We are often told to put our money where our mouth is; in other words: if you believe in something, do it, don’t just talk about it.

Ignacio Mañero is a Mechanical Engineer from ICAI, with experience in startups, in business consulting and in strategy consulting. He suffered while using standard crutches many times, so he invented Kmina crutches.

Alejandro Vañó is an Economist from Polytechnic University of Valencia, with experience in audit and business consulting. He also suffered using cruthes after an accident.

Doctor Jaime Usabiaga has wide experience in Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery. He was the Head of the Traumatology Division at the University Hospital Donostia, a professor and speaker in many congresses ans someone who knows the pain that crutches cause in patients.

Kmina crutches are designed to redistribute weight and to drastically reduce the pain that users can suffer.

The start up Company has already sold almost 2,000 units and has received its first international orders from Germany and Taiwan.

Kmina has made itself known at international fairs such as Rehacare, in Düsseldorf, wher it achieved sales through the distributor Ossenberg, as was the case with the Taiwanese company CHAR-DENG, and tthey now also has sales outlets in Denmatk, Italy and Greece.

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