Vayoil: Only You Between the Sheets

The Valencian textile Company, Vayoil, specialising in bed linen for hotels and hospitals, has launched a new range of hi-tech products which are anti-mite, dustmite and hypoallergenic, or skin friendly.


In the hotel industry it is inevitable that some kind of microscopic bacteria or insects will get into the hotel room, and that many guests will have sensitive skin, and, like Sheldon Cooper, will be unable to adapt to a new environment. For this reason the Company has invested 10 years of research into these new products.

As always Vayoil’s new products are environmentally friendly, and in this case the new treatment of the linen uses totally natural, renewable products such as lemon, eucaliptus and lavender.


Their bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers are manufactured from different compositions according to the needs of each establishment: cotton, polyester/cotton, linen, silk… For 100% cotton sheets – plain, striped or jacquard – they use long cotton fibres and great thread densities

(200, 300, 400…), with a permanent lustre in addition to other advantages they have over other finishing processes.

In the same way as bed sheets and duvet covers, their white bedspreads (or night bedspreads) are produced from the best raw materials, either 100% cotton or cotton-polyester blend.

Hospitals are another key client for Vayoil, where patients at risk from infection need and deserve the guarantees of a first class linen product.

Their clients also include restaurants, where small details such as a pleasant tablecloth can distinguish one restaurant from another.

The 20 year old company’s offices are in the Parque Tecnológico of Paterna (Valencia) while its 4,200 m2 logistics plant is to be found in Ontinyent, Alicante.













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