Valencian Watergate; a Good Thing

Not all plumbers break into the Democrat party headquarters in Washington, bringing down President Richard Nixon. There are good plumbers too; Valencian plumbers whose target is to save water.

Two Valencian plumbers Rafael Rodrigo from the village of Anna and Francisco Pelegero from Xátiva, have dedicated many years to the idea of saving water; 6,000 litres a year in fact; and their dream is now a reality as, along with their partner Víctor García, they have created ‘Smart Water’.

A video explaining the device was seen in California, and now the the people of that state are buying this Valencian technology, which has become a welcome addition to the hi-tech of Silicon Valley.

The story begins back in 2003, when they developed a device, which they patented in 2011, and which is now ready to enter the market.

The idea is simple, to find a way of not wasting all the cold water that we run off before the hot water reaches our shower, sink or bath.


Smart Water will be marketed through IDI, the company the three water savers have created.

The device allows the consumer to control the flow of water until it has reached the desired temperature, thus reducing waste and increasing efficiency.





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