Creoquete Croquettes

Valencian entrepreneur Amparo Ferrer launched Creoquete in June 2016 at Calle Ciscar 7, so that nobody in Valencia need ever go without their daily ration of croquettes.


The eternal international croquette is one of the world’s most universal nibbles, and from now on, no one need ever be without this delicious tidbit on the streets of Valencia.


Aloo tiki is a potato-filled croquette called eaten all over India, frequently sold on the streets, while in West Bengal and Bagladesh a similar dish is known as alu chop.


In Japan they are called korokke, and in South Korea goroke. In France they’ve been eating them since 1691, and in Holland they are a serious matter,  with 350 million kroketten  eaten  every year, an estimated 75% of all Dutch people eating them,  29 kroketten per person per year in fact.


Whatever your preference, and whether you want to eat them in situ, take them home, or even have them delivered, Amparo and her team in Calle Ciscar will satisfy your culinary needs.

And, if you want to know more, just go along to Calle Ciscar 7 and try them out.


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