Ingelia: Biomass in the UK & Italy

The Valencian SME Ingelia is investing 16.4 million euros in 5 biomass plants in Spain and the United Kingdom in collaboration with the British company CPL, which will allow it to export 2,500 tons of a new kind of biomass and introduce its technology to the UK and Ireland.


The company’s objective is to develop sustainable projects, based on profiting local resources through an innovative process of hydrothermal carbonization of biomass (HTC process) industrially developed by Ingelia. As one of the pioneers in the industrial application of this innovative HTC process, researched and developed since 2007, Ingelia can provide solutions for the treatment of multiple types of biomass in order to produce a solid biofuel in the form of pellets.


Since July 2010, Ingelia has operated an industrial plant of hydrothermal carbonization of biomass, which adds value to 10,000 tons of vegetable biomass per year, which comes from from pruning, gardening, agriculture and forest cleaning of the municipalities of Náquera and Bétera, transforming organic waste into solid biofuel.

With the purchase by CPL of 10% of Ingelia’s stock, the company will expand its exports of biomass in the next five years to both France and Germany.

Ingelia has also invested 15 million euros in 10 plants in Italy, mostly in Tuscany, along with its Italian partners Gielle SRL and Smarty Agency.

4.2 million euros will be invested in a second plant at Náquera, and two new plants in the UK, and there are further plans to open another Valencian plant at Bicorp, and another to produce biomass in Galicia and Asturias.

Ingelia’s technology has been developed with the help of researchers at Valencia’s UPV university, and especially Prince of Asturias prize winner Professor Avelino Corma.

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