Valencian Sports Technology; Going for Number 1

The reason why most people prefer swimming to cycling as a sport is obvious. There are things you can do in the water that you can’t do on a bicycle.

Until now!

Valencian technology has come to the rescue and from now on cyclists, and especially female cyclists, will be able to drink all that water and all those energy drinks without worrying about making a pit stop, or at least making it a fast one without losing their feminine elegance.

Luis de Antonio is the founder of Pedella, a Company that studied this problem of tight-fitting, difficult to remove cyclist gear for two years before launching Strada, a tribute to Alfonsina Strada, the first and only woman to compete in the Giro.

The company’s products have obviously found a zip for a gap in the market and have received international praise from, for example,

Ilse Geldhof, the Begian champion cyclist.


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