Valencian Olive Oil Exports

Valencia is not all beach, beach and beach; the Valencian mountains offer a fascinating range of scenery, idyllic villages where time seems to have stopped, exceptional gastronomy and natural, healthy products such as olive oil.


Valencian exports in 2014 were worth 29 million euros, a massive increase of 52% on the previous year, maintaining a trend of spectacular growth of 108% over the last two years..

The upward trend is due to the increase in small producers opting for high quality oils aimed at the gourmet market, much in the same way that Valencian wine production has diversified and sought quality over the last few years.

Distributed among the provinces, oil exports have increased by 465 in Alicante, 242% in Castellón and 53% in Valencia.


And where is all this olive oil going? Curiously Italy is the main importer, followed by China, with a 68% increase since the previous year, Israel with a 71% growth and the USA with 398%.

Other Valencian olive oil addicts include Russia, Japan, Jordan, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey, Tunisia, Poland and Iran.


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