Valencian Light for the Gulf

Valencian light is famous throughout the world, as expressed in Sorrolla’s famous beach paintings, or verbalised in Works of literature such as Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tollls.

More up to date, the Valencian company based in Riba-roja, Riperlamp is developing part of a Project to illuminate a new shopping centre in Qatar, the Alhazm de Doha complex, owned by the local magnate Al Emadi.

Riperlamp has existed since 1985 and employs 42 workers. 95% of its revenues come from exports.

Since its creation the company has attended the most important trade fairs of the sector, such as Euroluce (Milan), the Lighting Trade show in Paris, Interlight (Moscow), Index (Dubai) Equip hotel (Paris) and I Saloni (Moscow) contacting with the 80 countries to which it currently exports.

Among their international projects are:

  1. Hotel Solnechnogorsk (Moscow – Russia) 21.          Residencia de trabajo (Abu Dabi)
  2. Hotel In (Sochi) 22.          Nouvelle Mosquée (Nantes – France)
  3. Restaurante (Sochi) 23.          Okada House (Okada – Japan)
  4. Restaurant Complex “Petrovsky Park” (Moscow – Russia) 24.          Heian ceremony services (Japan)
  5. Hotel complex (Nizhny Novgorod – Russia) 25. Wel guest house (Japan)
  6. Restaurant “Ekaterininsky Palace” (Moscow – Russia) 26.          Theatro principal (Kiev – Russia)
  7. Hotel (Komsomolsk Na Amure) 27.          Muzcomedia theatre (Baku – Azerbaijan)
  8. Restaurant (St.Petersburg – Russia) 28.          The House of Veterans of Stage (St.Petersburg – Russia)
  9. Hotel (Noviy Urengoy) 29.          Policlynic (Moscow – Russia)
  10. Restaurant In (Novorossiysk – Russia) 30.          European Industrial Group Building (Kaliningrad)
  11. Villa privada (Laos – Nigeria) 31.          Villa Privada (Lebanon)
  12. Casa privada (Armenia) 32.          Metro Kiev (Kiev – Ukrania)
  13. Hotel Fairmont (Kiev – Ukraine) 33.          Sala VIP aeropuerto Domodedovo (Moscow – Russia)
  14. Residencia Presidencial “Syniogora” (Kiev – Ukraine) 34.          Hotel Vidgof (Chelyabinsk – Russia)
  15. Hotel Natsionalniy (Kiev Ukraine) 35.          Hotel Moskva (Belgrade – Serbia)
  16. Casa particular (Cyprus) 36.          Residencia Sarrikue (Bilbao – Spain)
  17. Hotel Roccoforte (Munich – Germany) 37.          Jamones Juviles (Granada – Spain)
  18. Hotel Roccoforte (Praga –Czech Republic) 38. Bodega Torroja (Requena – Spain)
  19. Villa privada (Varsovia – Poland) 39.          Arqah Palace (Riyadh – Saudi Arabia)
  20. Residencia Princesa (Bangkok – Thailand) 40. Russian’s Pilgrim House on the Jesus Christ Baptism (Hashemite – Kingdom of Jordan)

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