Valencian Hero Saves Paris Diners


When the terrorist attacks began on Friday 13th 2015 in Paris, many people present must have said a prayer, and that prayer was answered by the Valencian owner of the Ave Maria restaurant Carlos Torres.

Carlos hid about 80 people in the back of his restaurant until the shooting was over; until 4 am in fact.


Born in Valencia in 1973, Carlos has spent 15 years in Paris, and has run Ave Maria for three with his partner Valerie.

Situated only 100 metres from the Bataclan, where the worst of the massacre took place, the Ave Maria was full when the attack began, and Carlos locked himself and his clients in the back of the restaurant until the danger passed and played music from Mary Poppins to soothe nerves, offering food and drinks free to all those gathered around him.
He also made a point of reserving rooms in the hotel above his premises for those who had a long way to travel home.


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