Valencian Fire over Baku

Valencia pyro-technician, not to be confused with pyromaniac, Ricardo Caballer Zamorano, was commissioned by the organizers of the Baku 2015 European Games to provide the fire, light and colour for the closing ceremony.


10,000 fireworks lit up the night sky of Azerbaijan to the delight of almost 70,000 spectators and athletes, plus millions of sofa-ridden spectators.


RICASA is the company run by Caballer, and this is not their first experience of lighting up the sky for major sports events. They also collaborated in the Central American Games at Vera Cruz, in November 2014 the Winter Olympics at Sochi in February 2014, the Sydney Olympics of 2000 and the Pan-American Games of both Brazil and Mexico.

The company was founded in 1881 by Vicente Caballer Calatayud, and the tradition is continued by Ricardo Caballer Estellés and Ricardo Caballer Cardo, grandson and great-grandson of the founder.


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