Valencian Actress in Warhol Spinoff

The film ‘Letters to Paul Morrissey’ is a series of personal tales, known as letters, some 20 all told, told to the film director who formed part of Warhol’s Factory in New York, and who directed Flesh, Trash, Heat, Blood for Dracula and Flesh for Frankenstein, as well as managing Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground.

Saida Benzal

Valencian actress Saida Benzal has joined the group of teams making the film as script writer, as well as director and actress in a short scene.

Saida rodando Letters

Armand Rovira is the main director and has shot scenes in Mallorca and Madrid in Japanese, German and English in black and White, as Morrissey would have wanted.

Saida rodando Letters 02

Saida has done mostly TV work in the past, and also participated in Orson West, a semi documentary filmed at El Carche, on the border between Murcia and Alicante provinces, the place where Orson Welles once took a look aound when thinking of filming a Western.

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