Valencia International Visits IES Francisco Ribalta

On the 14th April 2014, VI visited IES Francisco Ribalta school in Castellón in order to promote the newspaper and the language it is written in.

We spoke to some hard-working teachers and some students who agreed to write articles for us, especially Alex, Laura and Ron from China.

So soon, VI will have a bustling Castellón section and lots of fresh stories with the perspective of youth.

Our thanks to the Richmond-Santillana Publishing Company for organising this visit.



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One Response to Valencia International Visits IES Francisco Ribalta

  1. Paco Pastor Reply

    April 16, 2014 at 00:12

    My colleagues and me are going to encourage our students to send you articles-essays. There are very interesting teenagers in our classes with creativity, others who have taken part in exchanges, or who came to live to Castelló from the country where they were born with very different customs and traditions….Don’t be surprised if you start being flooded with contributions from our city!
    Paco Pastor, teacher of English

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