Valencia International Goes Back to School.

8.15 on a cold winter’s morning in Valencia with the temperature dropping to an unthinkable 15 degrees.


A group of students enter the classroom only to find that their teacher, Tere Ribelles, has ambushed them with a surprise, having decided to do something exciting and dynamic.

Unfortunately the exciting, dynamic person wasn’t available, and instead the 6th form students were introduced to an on-line English language newspaper, whose purpose is to promote Valencia to the world and the English language in Valencia.

Valencia International Editor Bob Yareham gave a hi-tech presentation, which only required the intervention of a student three or four times; a great improvement!


The students were then invited to contribute articles to the newspaper, either in one of the eight categories, if they were writing about Valencia, or in the Schools section if they were writing about something else.

The students were also invited to consider that they are surrounded by English, and often don’t realise that they know more than they think. They now know why there is a D in Wednesday and the true significance of the English breakfast.


Future visits to schools are being planned; conspired in fact.

Valencia International would like to thank Tere Ribelles and her students for not falling asleep during the class.

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