Valencia Basketball: (Still) Simply the Best

On 16th June 2017 Valencia Basketball Club beat Real Madrid to win the play offs by 3 matches to 1 and so became champion for the first time in its history after an epic season.

All things must pass, as George Harrison said to David Bowie, and so Valencia Basketball Club’s record breaking run of victories finally came to an end with a home defeat by Limoges in January 2016.

Their unbeaten run in the league continued however, and they even beat nearest rivals Barcelona away!

And in February 2017 they once again beat Barcelona to qualify for the Cup Final, where they faced Real Madrid on February 19th 2017.

Ok, they lost, by 2 points, but when you take into account the population difference, they really won.


Valencia, following its string of 28 victories, was leader of the Spanish league, with no rivals on the horizon, for a large part of the 2015/6 season.

The 25th victory was a world wide record, surpassing that of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors for an unbroken string of victories during one season.

This achievement was even noted in the prestigious New York Times newspaper.

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