UPV Aids Alzheimer Research

Imagine the misunderstood relatives of Doctor Guillotine, who had to change their name after their illustrious namesake campaigned for the more humane method of execution, even though he had nothing to do with its invention.

Today the family goes under the much more innocuous name Mister and Mrs Lethal Injection.

Jokes aside, the family of Doctor Alzheimer has also paid the price for its famous ancestor’s struggle to shine some light on memory loss, but the family name still strikes terror among those of us who find ourselves staring into the fridge all too often without the faintest idea why.

Although a cure for Alzheimer’s seems far off, researchers at Alcoy’s UPV and the Hospital Virgen de los Lirios are working on a software to give a better quality of life to sufferers from the disease.

The application attempts to virtually recreate the patient’s daily life, providing exercises as a video game with varying degrees of difficulty.

Manuel Llorca, Jordi Linares, Jorge Orta and Luisa Bravo are the team trying to stimulate patients and help them recreate their worlds through 3D technology in an entertaining way.

Doctors José Manuel Moltó and Jorge Santonja are collaborating with the scientists.

150 elderly citizens have collaborating testing in the tests


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