UK immigrants in Spain – the forgotten voices.


By Chris Dennison.

On Saturday 3rd September, and coinciding with the Remain marches held in several cities in the UK, 10 members of the Bremain Expats in the Valencian Community Facebook group met in Valencia. This group is a daughter group of Bremain in Spain which is a group of British citizens who live in Spain and wish to remain as part of the European Union. The purpose of the meeting was to try and establish exactly what the decision to leave the EU will mean to us and what we can do before Brexit actually happens to be better prepared for what may well be very traumatic times ahead for all British citizens who have chosen to make their home in Spain for whatever reasons.

One of the initiatives which we came up with was to participate in the making of a documentary film in which we voice our fears, worries, opinions and queries with regard to our post-Brexit status. The film is being made by one of our members, Gemma Middleton and her Girl Friday film company.

Here, then, is the “teaser” which we hope will attract the attention of TV channels in the UK and maybe even in Spain. We hope you enjoy it.

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