UFO Sighting Confirmed in Valencia Community!

Valencia International can now confirm the sighting and actual landing of a UFO in the Valencia Community.


The unidentified flying object approached the Community from a westerly direction before landing in an isolated, flat space just east of the Castellón town of Benlloch at 10.40 am, Tuesday 15th of September.

Immediately, as if in a great hurry, creatures speaking an unintelligible language left the craft, only to be just as quickly replaced by similar creatures, before taking off again a mere 30 minutes later.

Sources from the administration are speculating that this was a carefully organized exchange between two alien crews, and that the arriving crews quickly left the area in a series of unidentified vehicles.

This is not the first time that strange vehicles have landed in the same area, where peculiar terrestrial movements and signals were first picked up on 25th March 2011. On the 11th of December 2014 a craft, described by local people as something like a huge dragonfly, was seen by several witnesses landing and taking off, and on the 14th January of 2015 a large vehicle described by one farmer in a state of shock as a kind of yellow submarine, was also observed nearby.

According to an independent but unverified source of information, a group calling itself Farmers Against Big Regrettable Anomalies (FABRA), incomprehensible signals have been picked up in an indecipherable language, although one local man, whose daughter studied cryptology in London, said that she thinks it might have contained plans to undertake another landing on Wednesday 16th September 2015 at approximately 7.25 pm.

Government sources refused to comment on this information, claiming that the whole affair had been exaggerated, was without any foundation whatsoever, and was classified anyway.

Taking advantage of the confusion, low cost operator is now using the aforesaid flat space to run flights to and from London and Bristol in the UK, and Sofia in Bulgaria.

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