TouchTheSky: Glasses for Pandas?


Probably not; no self-respecting panda would put on glasses made of bamboo and resist the temptation to eat them!

And anyway, made to feel light, and weighing in at less than 30 grams, they’d probably spend all their time looking quizzical and wondering where they’d left them.

What’s more, sunglasses would just disappear over a panda’s eyes, and what’s the point of buying something great if you don’t even look cool.

The environment is an important issue for this young, Valencian company, and so, like the city’s mayor, they go everywhere by bike, and deliver their glasses to you in that fashion; although there is no guarantee that it’ll be the Mayor himself who turns up with them on your doorstep.


Since 2004 these young entrepreneurs have been creating and selling fashion with ethics, kept in mind throughout the whole process, as lovers of the country and especially the sea, they try to transmit Mediterranean values as well as ‘cool’.


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