Titillation in Albaida

The 33rd edition of the  Mostra Internacional de Titelles de la Vall d’Albaida, (The Albaida Puppetry Festival) took place between 9th and 12th November 2017. 30 different puppetry companies participated in Albaida and in 18 other surrounding towns and villages.

Albaida has many attractions, and Valencia International has already written about some of them such as the Museum of the painter Segrelles:


and the village’s bell ringing tradition:


Albaida’s most international feature however is its Puppet Museum, where more than 400 puppets of all shapes and sizes from all over the world are displayed.

For an excellent accomodation option, see our article:

Traditional Accomodation in the Country













The visit includes a film telling the story of puppets and we learn that they have been used since ancient times to pass on creation legends, but really developed in Italy in the 16th century, and that Britain’s own demonical Mister Punch originated from an Italian character, which explains the gesticulating I suppose.













There are two floors of a historical building in the historical centre of Albaida dedicated to puppets from all over the world; and a feast of colour it is.






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