The Unknown Magician

Name and surnames Hugo Méndez Lahoz
Level 6th
Teacher’sname  Paqui Matamoros Becerra
School CEIP8 Abril
Town  San Antonio de Benageber (Valencia)





paqui student

Seven minutes after midnight, I was in bed waiting in my room to sleep. Then a strong light lit my house. I was scared. A quiet voice told me: “Don’t be afraid, I’m Tom The Magician. I will teach you magic tricks to save the World from horrific witch Brenda, she wants to destroy all the World in the future. The winner must be a human, not a professional magician”


“You are selected among hundreds of boys to be trained and save us all” – I just can’t believe it, the weakest boy in town, now is the saver of human beings.


We will begin the training tomorrow, the Magician said, and you will learn all the Magic Arts needed to fight with Brenda, the queen of witches.


Next morning at six o’clock Tom woke me up for training. I was training during two or three weeks, I got objects to disappear, made potions, disappeared myself and attacked with fire balls.

The first time I saw Brenda, she was wearing a beautiful red dress, she seems to be very pretty, but when I began my attack she transformed herself into an ugly woman, hundreds of years old, and very angry.


I was fighting with her for a couple of hours, I was very tired, and she seemed to be stronger each time.  When I thought I was losing the fight, Tom appeared suddenly, and helped me with fire balls that seem to make Brenda weaker each time.


When the fight seemed to be finished, Brenda just disappeared. This happened several times, Tom always came to help me, but we didn’t win.


One day we fought strongly, and Brenda seemed to be tired. This day was different. Tom said “We‘ll win” , and it was true, after of a big combat, we made Brenda decline. The World was saved. I was very happy, all my friends will know I saved the World, with Tom’s help, of course.


Tom got very serious, and nervously said: “No one could know you have the power of the light to fight with dark creatures”.


So I am here telling you this history, but I can’t tell anyone in person, so I wrote it here without data that can identify me.  Be a good citizen and don’t tell anyone.


















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