The Admiral’s Baths

Tucked at the end of a narrow, crooked street in the Mediterranean city of Valencia, you may be surprised to come upon an ancient public bathhouse, a surprising relic from another time. The Admiral’s Baths have stood sentry here for 700 years, through wars, reconstruction, epidemics and the Inquisition—and still stand today. If only these walls could talk, you might think. What stories lie beneath those star-carved ceilings, across these tiled floors…


With this novel The Admiral’s Baths, author Dana Gynther offers us one possibility. Told from the perspective of four women of different times and circumstances, we witness the unfolding history of the ancient bathhouse through the struggles, desires, tragedies, and triumphs of Fatima, Angels, Clara, and Rachel. Though these characters are separated by hundreds of years, we find that what connects them is more powerful than the passage of time, and we celebrate the enduring human spirit, which stands strong like the Admiral’s Bath’s themselves.



Dana in the Baths

“Rich with fascinating history, Gynther brings the past and present of Valencia, Spain and the Admiral’s Baths to vibrant life. I reveled in reading about these fascinating locations and all of the colorful characters who strolled down Valencia’s sun-drenched streets and steeped in the bath’s steam-filled rooms.” – Anna Lee Huber, bestselling author of the Lady Darby Mysteries

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