Take a Seat: or 3,000!

What have the Ministry of Public Works of Dubai, the Roscosmos Space Agency in Russia,


the King Khaled Hospital in Riyadh,

king khaled hospital

the Philharmonic Concert Hall in Omsk,

philharmonic omsk

PJKK Federal Building & US Courthouse in Hawaii or the NEC  football stadium in Nijmegen

nec stadium

got in common? Not much you might think, until you sit down; for in all of them (pardon my blushing) the bums will be resting upon seats manufactured by the Alicante company Josper, based in Callosa de Segura

Like Staus Quo, and although they might not be rocking, Josper seats are bringing functional comfort to posteriors all over the world.

Industrias Josper S.L. isa family business founded in 1948, and has been manufacturing and installing seats in installations in more than 50 countries ever since.

The latest institution to sucuumb to Josper’s comforting seduction of posterior cheeks is the Cannes Cinema Festival, where the Josper has won the contract to supply the 2,309 seats for the auditorium, where the stars will buttock down to the annual cine fest there in 2015.


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