Students Evaluate Hollywood & History

Two groups of students from IES Veles e Vents from Torrente have participated in the Hollywood & History activity in the L’Iber Museum.


Their teacher Nona Quetglas asked them to write about the experience, and here are their comments.


Only one correction: the museum has more than 95,000 figures on display.

The activity is free for schools thanks to the generous sponsorship of Banco Sabadell.

The activity at the L’iber museum was very interesting. First, the man explained the building’s history and how it became today’s museum. After, we saw all the collection, which has a lot of pieces, and finally we saw a documentary. For me, the activity was very interesting and I liked it a lot.

L’iber Museum offered us a representation of curious and amusing historical moments, as well as a clear example that Hollywood is not as faithful to history as we think.

Ángela, kisses.


The activity at the L’iber museum was so great. We saw lots of toy soldiers from history, that’s gorgeous because there are thousands and all very organized. Then we saw parts of a historical film and the speaker explained to us what is real and invented. All the activity was incredible!



Last Wednesday we went to Valencia because we had to visit the L’Iber Museum.
Like the speaker said, that place is a time machine where the most important historical events are represented by toy soldiers.
It was amazing and everybody enjoyed it a lot



In December we went to Valencia to see a museum with more than ten thousand little soldier figures. The guide (who was really friendly) showed us all the figures, and explained their history. Each group of soldiers was performing a different battle, or a moment in history. I think it’s amazing how the figures are placed. Furthermore, we saw a documentary about the Cid, and we realized that this film is a mixture of real and fictitious facts




In the L’Iber museum we paid a visit where we saw toy soldiers, most of the toy soldiers were of the wars in Spain, but they were not dealt with as heroes, we saw parts of a movie that was explained to us, after we left the museum and returned home.
Ángel, with love.



Last Wednesday, we went on an excursion to the L’Iber museum. When we arrived there, the guide explained to us that we were in the world’s biggest museum of soldiers. Then, we went to see all the museum, which was entertaining and interesting. Finally, we did a really educational activity, where we saw the difference between Hollywood and films. I had a really good time and I learned so many things that I didn’t know.




Personally I think that this exhibition, besides being very interesting, is educational and cultural. It also contains a historical documentary of the period at the end of the exhibition that helps to understand it better, and is valid for all audiences.



On December 17th I went to the L’Iber Museum with my partners. The experience was amazing and very interesting. It is always good knowing about our culture.



The day that I went to the museum with my classmates was extraordinary. I learned things I never thought I would learn, our culture is amazing!



From my point of view it looked like a very interesting and entertaining trip, because it surprised me how someone could collect something like that in such quantity and preserve it. In addition L’Iber Museum was very nice and they treated us very well.

In my opinion it has been very interesting because knowing new things about history in English is a new way of learning, I liked the visit a lot and I understood it very well. It would be extraordinary if everybody could visit it.



The L’Iber Museum is the biggest toy soldiers museum in the world, it’s fantastic and here you learn the History and life of our ancestors


In my opinion it’s always interesting to learn history in another language in this case, English.



In my opinion the tour was entertaining. I found it very interesting; I could practise my English and learn many things about history.



Last Wednesday, we went to L’Iber museum, where we saw a toy soldiers exhibition. The section where we saw a Hollywood movie was really interesting.
Miguel Angel


A fun experience to learn about toy soldiers, the tour was interesting and I practised English



The visit to the L’Iber museum was very curious and interesting, there were many toy soldiers in all the house of all sizes. Although I preferred when the gentleman explained a film and explained all its details.



This museum has surprised me because there are many toy soldiers set in their historical moment, the speaker told us the events very well.


The visit to the museum of toy soldiers is funny because it is the biggest in the world and you learn the history seeing more than 60,000 toy soldiers


The activity of L’Iber museum was very interesting. Many toy soldiers together are impressive and striking and they represent well the different stages of history.



The activity of L’Iber museum was very interesting. I was very impressed by the soldiers, above all with the structures that they made.
I think that the soldiers represent very well the different stages of history, in short, I liked the activity very much.

By Ray

I went to the lLIber museum to see a soldiers collection, they were tiny and had lots of variety, from soldiers of war to Indian and Egyptian soldiers. It was the biggest collection of soldiers in the world. Absolutely amazing!



I liked the museum and the exhibition. I was very surprised by the great number of soldier figures and the comparison of Hollywood movies with real history was very interesting, too.

I think that changing history by adding romance is normal because people usually love the romantic scenes, but if they could add the real history at the end of the movie it would be fine, so you can compare.


I really liked the soldiers museum. I thought it was really interesting. I also liked the activity, where I think we can learn how Hollywood changes history just to make it look more interesting.


The experience that I lived in this museum was amazing, awesome and incredible!!!



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