Stop, Hey, What’s DAS Sound?

Founded in 1971 at tiny premises in Valencia’s Calle de Mar by a young industrial engineer named Juan Alberola, Dynamic and Sound (D.A.S.) Audio has in its 40 plus years of evolution developed into an international brand name of prestige in the world of sound systems.


From its early days catering for the 70s disco scene, DAS has diversified into all areas (and arenas) when sound matters, so much so that among the company’s recent clients are the American Airlines Stadium, home to the Miami Heat basketball team.

It was the high cost of imported loudspeaker products that led Alberola, son of a professional music composer to design and manufacture his own loudspeaker systems.das3

The secret of Juan’s success was passion and dedication to the art of music and sound, a passion that, combined with a keen entrepreneurial spirit, incorporating the latest technological advances such as the use of high-density structural polymers for the construction of acoustic enclosures, differentiated D.A.S. from its competitors.

By the end of the seventies the company had over 60 employees, and attended the Frankfurt Musikmesse, the largest sectorial international trade event, for the first time, a clear statement that the company’s future was worldwide.

By the 90s, D.A.S. was operating on five continents and had set up a subsidiary in the United States called D.A.S. Audio of America, Inc.

dasAmong the other locations where DAS systems are to be found are the Minsk Arena (Belarus), The Stadium of the Alps (Turin), and the Mabee Center (Oklahoma).

The company’s 24,000 square metre headquarters today is located in the Fuente del Jarro industrial estate, one of the largest in Europe.and the company now has sales and distribution centres in Singapore and Miami,

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