Slowwalk: Lovely Corns on My Feet

There was a time when having corns on your feet was unpleasant, and a trip to the chiropodist was called for. Today however, it’s the trendy, vegan thing to wear shoes made of corn, so that you can look all those hushed puppies in the face without shame.

Slowwalk claims to be an urbanite brand dedicated to young spirits with high demands of quality products, which are attractive and comfortable to wear during their everyday lives.

They describe their footwear as fresh, natural, casual and sporty; and go on to mention green, as an iconic color which reveals their philosophy and gives brand identity to their products, appearing in laces or stitching.

Slowwalk, led by Juan Caparrós, is based in Elche, in the Valencian province of Alicante, a town that has been making shoes for many decades now, but which has suffered from cheap imports over the last few years.

While nobody is suggesting you eat the shoes, and in fact it is the non-edible parts of the corn that are used in production,  vegans are definitely a prospective market for Slowwalk, with a section all to themselves on the English language website. There, Slowwalk offers models designed only with renewable raw materials of plant origin, which are recycled, hand-made (to reduce energy consumption) and organic.


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