A Slow Dream is a Good Dream

It’s good to have a dream, or even an Everly Brothers Dream, Dream Dream, and Tania Tarrega and Esther Segura clearly have one.

Their dream has a name now; ‘Slow Artist’, and a range of clothes that they sell on the Internet and which reflect their philosophy.

They have now brought out their 3rd collection, called ‘The Star Colection’, and have begun to sell in both London and Munich, as well as in 33 Spanish shops.


Their first collection was called ‘Dream’, and is supported by a nice version of the Everly Brothers classic on their website; but the collection is inspired not so much by Phil and Don as it is by Eva Rico, a woman of the world from Barcelona, a little further north of Tania and Ester’s native Castellón.

Eva Rico was educated in Barcelona, in a humble family, a creative enterprising woman, according to them. She worked for Bibi Rusell in public relations, and was the creative director for ‘Fashion for Development’, until cancer came into her life at the age of 27.

‘Dream’ crosses borders and is immersed in indigenous communities, traditions, costumes and the joy of living, or what we call ‘joie de vivre’ in English.

The names of the models, such as ‘fortune’, ‘origin’, ‘slow’ or ‘liberty’ describe the values and the inspiration of the first collection, which embraces women, enjoying the essence of each moment and things made with skill and warmth.


The people at Slow Artist believe that there is a fairer and more environmentally friendly way to make and buy fashion. The team consists mainly of women, often women at risk of social exclusion, and embraces cooperation and ethical values such as fair trade. Slow Artist wants to bring textile artisans back into the mainstream market place.


Their garments are 100% made in Spain, at Elche: including design, production and distribution, which is not always easy.

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