Silver Screen Peñiscola Past and Present

The unmistakable outline of Peñiscola’s castle will shortly no longer be associated exclusively with El Cid; the super, mega TV series Game of Thrones has set its sights on the town to shoot one of its upcoming episodes.

During the first ten days of October 2015 about 400 local extras will participate in the filming and hotel rooms are already booked. Not much is known about the producer’s intentions, which are cloaked in secrecy as is habitual.

Peñiscola achieved worldwide fame with the Samuel Bronston epic El Cid, directed by Anthony Mann and starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren.

Recently Valencia International received an unpublished photograph from Domingo Pau, whose grandfather ran a bakery in Peñiscola during the filming.

It seems that Heston entered the bakery one day to escape his fans and spent a pleasant time making bread, as the photo shows.

heston bread

Domingo’s grandfather and godfather (no relation to Brando) can be seen on the left, with Heston’s son on the right.



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