Shipeer: Putting in the Boot

Gangsters are going to love this new Valencian initiative. All that anxiety about transporting the corpse of your latest victim (“It’s nothing personal Vinnie, it’s just business,”) will now just disappear as car boots (or trunks as Americans mysteriously choose to call them) become available to transport that awkward package to a nice, quiet resting place in the desert.


Daniel Lapesa is one of the founders of this idea, and it seems that more and more people are picking up on this kind of alternative form of transportation, which owes a lot to the BlaBlaCar model of car sharing.

Hopefully the traditional couriers won’t get as angry with Shipeer as the taxi drivers did with BlaBla, and Daniel and friends won’t end up in one of those holes in the desert, or with a horse’s head in their beds.


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