Sail on Sailor: Imperium Maris


Imperium Maris was founded in Valencia by a group of Friends who, like many Valencian after the America’s Cup sailed away into the sunset, asked themselves the question: ‘Now what?’

The three Friends were Gabriel Pérez, Sergio Campos and Stephane Rouvillois, all of whom were in love with the sea, sport and fashion.


Valencia hosted the prestigious America’s cup in 2007 and 2010, entering the annals of sailing history as the only European city to organize the cup since the end of 19th century.

Following the competition, many sails were left behind. These were, racing custom designed sails not usable on other sailboats but still in perfect shape to be recycled. That is how the idea of giving a new life to these sails as bags and furniture was born.


Imperium Maris aspires is to promote a Mediterranean Fashion Style that is both sporty and chic creating high quality creations made from recycled sails, impregnated with the sun and salt from the sea (metaphorically of course; they are cleaned first).


For them the sails have history and are symbol of freedom, given a second life as high quality Mediterranean fashion products, inspired by the sun and the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

These young entrepreneurs are are fond of travelling, sport and sailing because they love freedom, and each of their products is an invitation to share this universal value.

They believe in Elitism and, at the same time in Ethics. Choosing an Imperium Maris creation means acquiring a unique piece, handmade and using a piece of sail with a unique history that you can find on the log book inside each bag or piece of furniture.

All their products are made in the Valencian Community área, which is why they say that purchasing Imperium Maris creations means supporting our local community.

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