Ruzafa in the FT

In November 2016 The Financial Times newspaper highlighted the attractions of Valencia’s very own Notting Hill, and gave a mere five reasons for living there.

First of all the neighbourhood is within easy reach of all Valencia’s main tourist attractions such as the beach, the historic centre and the City of Arts and Sciences.

The closeness to Ibiza is also mentioned.

Some of the city’s best restaurants are also to be found there, and the newspaper singles out international eateries such as Tora for Japanese, Zakaria for Moroccan, Barn6 for Lebanese and vegetarian and Miobio for vegan, as well as Spanish cuisine such as the Ricard Camarena Michelin star Restaurant.

Ruzafa’s municipal market is compared favourably to the more touristy Central Market, opposite La Lonja, while for nightlife they opt for Ubik Café with its books and Olhöps for its craft beers and Bar Vermúdez for vermouths.

The architecture also gets a mention with the 19th-century town houses compared favourably to those of Paris.


When it comes to shopping, trendy shops are referred to although only Gnomo is named with a passing reference to art galleries, yoga studios and gyms opening up and attracting both hipsters and young families.

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