Reread: Recycling Culture

They say that you can tell a person from their bookshelves; but then ‘they’ say so many silly things.

Today, in Valencia, it’s no longer necessary to wear your heart on your bookshelves, you can trundle on down to Reread and get a whole new personality.


‘Reread’ is the brainchild of Álex Clapés in Valencia, a little bit of Northern Europe, a second hand bookshop, but one wioth a difference. For one thing it doesn’t smell mold and tatty; quite the opposite; it’s all pristine new, and although you might not want to fry an egg their, you would be happy to take your children to the paly area at the back of the shop while you browse among the 8,000 or so books, mostly in Spanish but also in English, French, Italian and German.


The system is simple; you can sell them your old, unwanted books for a flat rate of 0,20€ each and buy at 3€. If you take out a special Re-Member card you get them for 2€.

Reread opened on the 1st December 2015 and is already attracting a varied public, and dogs. Yes, that’s right, you can take your dog in, as Joe Cocker almost sang.

Alex is keen to develop the place, and would like, in the future to have a Readers’ Club, exhibitions, and to turn Reread into a place where people get together. Reread is also pretty philosophical; the walls are covered in slogans encouraging people to enjoy those weird, wonderful rectangular objects that our grandparents put us to sleep with.


So, while we are choosing a book, or just relaxing in the chill out zone amongst the abandoned kids, we can nod our heads when informed, in Spanish, that dinosaurs didn’t read, and look at them now.


But don’t take my word for it, take your unwanted books along to Alex in Calle Ramón y Cajal 45, where you can chat to this friendly graduate of criminology, who will not judge you from the books on your shelves, but will just pay you for them.


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