Pelamatic: an Appealing Solution

Not all technology is rocket science, and not every good idea has to be an app.

As someone simple said to someone else, who might have been George W Bush, keep it simple, stupid!

Pelamatic is a Valencian company that allows people in over 25 countries, so far, do something simple every day; as simple as peeling potatoes; or just about any other fruit or vegetable in fact.

The company was founded in the 1990s by José Pérez Gonzalbo, and his son José Luis Pérez Sarrió has taken up the reins of the Company in Albalat de la Ribera, followed by grandson José Luis Pérez Gimeno, who has brought a touch of modernity to the business by exploiting the social media to promote their wide range of products for the home, for industry and hostelry.

Now the company is producing 3,000 machines annually and reaching out to new customers from India and Nepal to USA and Canada, South Africa, Iran and Singapore.

What started with grandfather José looking for a manner to peel the oranges he loves to eat, soon became a challenge, and today even the mighty, awkward pineapple has been overcome by Pérez technology.

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