Paterna: the Next Hollywood?

You don’t often see the likes of Sylvester Stallone or Danny de Vito hanging around Paterna; however, their voices are to be heard there as they participate in what could become a sensational blockbuster; the Valencian cartoon feature Animal Crackers.

Valencian film maker Jaime Maestro is co-directing this Little masterpiece from the Valencian studios of Blue Dream, based in Paterna, along with American director Scott Sava.

blue dream

Stallone and De Vito play a human cannonball and a clown respectively, along with actors John Krasiski and Emily Brandt, the stars of the show.

The project was launched in September 2014 by Maestro and a young team of students, mainly from the Escuela de Arte y Diseño Barreira, where Maestro, as his name suggests, is a teacher.

Maestro won a ‘Goya’ award (a Spanish Oscar) for his contribution to ‘El vendedor de humo’.

Animal Crackers has been financed by investors from South Korea, China and the USA, and has helped to provide work for over 100 people in and around Paterna’s Technological Park where Blue Dream Studios is located.

The work created and the income generated by Blue Dreams was achieved in fierce competition with competitors in China and Canada.

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