Olélibros: Books are Life

Antonio Alcolea knows about books, and has been surrounded by them all his life.

His uncle Alfred Ramos is a fairly well known author, and as a child Antonio was constantly given books by

him to read and joined him on excursions to the library.


Between his uncle and his father there are some 20 published books, and Antonio himself has joined in the family tradition, publishing a book of poems entitled ‘De la Oscuridad a la Luz’.

After finishing his secondary school studies at El Cid Campeador school, he eventually ended up working in printing, and has extended that knowledge to the world of publishing with the setting up of Olélibros, a company designed to open up the wonderful world of books to budding authors, young and older alike.

Working as both a printer and publisher, Antonio is in the enviable position of being able to say ‘yes’ to any author wanting to publish his or her work, but to offer all kinds of services too, to ensure that the final product is a quality product, with a reasonable possibility of success.

The authors choose the services they feel they need and after costs, all the profits on sales are for the writer.


Antonio’s company is fully environmentally friendly, ensuring that nothing is wasted during the printing process, and that everything that can be recycled is recycled.

Their success and customer satisfaction are independently verified by the eKomi system, which gives them a 9.8 rating out of 10, the best in Spain for similar companies.


Olélibros authors come from all walks of life and write about all kinds of subjects, whether fiction or non-fiction, technical or children’s books, in Spanish, Valencian, English or even Arabic.

With his five staff he takes care of distribution through his own network of 120 platforms in 55 countries, and even ensures that his authors are in the running for awards when appropriate.

Despite publishing nearly ten books a week, he prides himself on recognising the voices of all his writers over the phone.

In the short time since 2013 when Antonio began his literary adventure he has published over 150 books, but none has given him as much pleasure as having been able to publish his own father’s book about the hidden secrets of Valencia, a book called ‘Miradas’, which Olélibros are currently having translated into English.

Prospective authors can find out without committing themselves how much their books would cost through Olélirbros’s website at http://olelibros.com/

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