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Marina Altea Vicky claustre ies cabanyal

It was seven minutes after midnight and the  Sun was shining. It was shining onto Shada’s head, she was envisioning an enlightened world while closing her eyes, wishing that it would not be dark if she opened them. Shada is six years old, and she is terrified by the darkness, so she usually follows her grandmother’s advice: thinking of a sunny summer day, plenty of light. But it never works.

It was almost winter, and it was really windy outside. The autumn leaves were roaring, like a huge legion of little monsters. Father was sleeping on the sofa, her grandmother was sleeping and snoring in the next room, mother was not at home anymore. Nevertheless, even if she was far away, in heaven, Shada had been told that she would be with her everywhere she went. She liked to imagine that this beautiful dark skinned woman that she can see in lots of pictures that hanged on the wall in the dining room was protecting her. Lora had passed away four years before, but Shada was not really sad about it. That night, she was thinking of her, and closing her eyes tightly, very concentrated, feeling that there was nothing else in the room, in the house, in the world.

– Shada? –said a sweet woman’s voice– You’ve grown so much…

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and held her mother’s hand with no fear at all, without asking herself whether that was real or not. They went downstairs together, and opened the garden door. Lora took her jacket off and used it to wrap her daughter up, although none of them seemed to be cold. Shada smiled at her and then she hugged her mother. Lora started to tickle her and they laughed together. They were as a team, they decided to enjoy that moment instead of thinking sadly about the fact that they had not been together for many years. The child’s mind is absolutely incredible, they can easily be truly happy, with no negative thoughts, with that magic innocence, with this fresh perspective of life. Mother and daughter played all night long. They ran, laughed and loved each other, they spent their time being happy together until the sun started to come out.

It was seven minutes to 6 a.m. and Lora told Shada that she had to leave. They hugged for a few minutes.

– You are my Sun –said Lora, smiling.

Shada’s father was looking for her around the house, why wasn’t she in her bedroom?

– Where are you sweetheart? Have you got up yet?

Shada knocked at the garden door, smiling, without noticing that Lora had already gone. Her father went downstairs and opened the door amazed, asking her what she was doing outside so early… and wearing that kind of jacket.

– Daddy, I guess I was just dreaming, and it was beautiful.

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