Murviedro and Christmas Cavas

Murviedro has been since 1927 one of the Valencia Community’s most successful wine makers, with a high international profile, being a subsidiary of the Swiss Schenk Group.

murviedro cava

Murviedro, ‘Muri Veteres’ takes its name from the ancient walls that surround the old town, which bear witness to an ancient spirit which, even today, wanders through the caves and

Luna de Murviedro is the first Cava made by Bodegas Murviedro, and is a Cava Brut made from Macabeo grapes, grown in the vineyards of Requena on the best quality soils that benefit from long hours of sunshine so that the grapes reach their perfect ripeness.

With average annual temperature of 13ºC, and chalky-clay soils, the Macabeo grapes are picked at the beginning of September and then macerated in pneumatic

Presses. The must is then fermented in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 14ºC, and in January the new wine is bottled and the second fermentation occurs in the bottle. The Cava is stored in special containers for holding the bottles in position, for 11 months.

This cava has a dense and fine mousse, and a pale yellow colour with green tones and floral aromas.

It is ideal as an aperitif and to accompany starters and desserts,

Luna de Murviedro Rosé is the first cava rosé made by Bodegas Murviedro. This Cava Brut is made from the grape variety Garnacha grown in the vineyards of Requena.

Average annual temperature 13ºC. Chalky-clay soils.

The Garnacha grapes are harvested at the beginning of September.

The process is then more or less the same as the Brut, except that the holding process is only 9 months.

It consists of a thick mousse of fine well integrated bubbles, and is coloured with deep bronze tinges, and has an aroma that is fresh with aromas of ripe red fruits.

The taste is light and crisp, with good acidity and a fruity finish.

The Luna de Murviedro Medium Dry is 100% Macabeo.

Maceration takes place for 11 hours at 10°C to remove mature flavours, with the first and second fermentation (bottle) at low temperature (16ºC)

It has a bright, pale yellow colour and an aroma with floral notes.

Taste: Long, sweet and complex.

Ideal to accompany starters and desserts, and offers a perfect balance between sour and sweet notes.

Corolilla Cava is made exclusively from the grape variety Chardonnay grown on vines in the area where the land, exposed to many hours of sunlight, produces low yields per plant of very high quality.

The Chardonnay grapes are harvested at the end of August. Cold maceration takes place in a pneumatic press, with fermentation at 14ºC in stainless steel tanks. In January the new wine is bottled and the second fermentation occurs in the bottle at a temperature of 16ºC. The Cava is stored in special containers for holding the bottles in position, for 12 months this time.

This cava has light aromas of yeast, butter and fresh citrus fruits, a creamy texture, with well balanced acidity and freshness.

The organic Luna de Murviedro Brut is made from 90% Macabeo and 10% Chardonnay grapes from organically grown vines in accordance with the rules of Organic Farming. This form of organic viticulture and wine-making is based on the development of environment and consumer friendly technologies for organic wine quality improvement and scientifically based legislative framework (using only natural resources, without any chemicals, in this way producing organic fruit while at the same time conserving the fertility of the land and respecting the environment).

The Cava is stored horizontally, for a minimum of eleven months.

It is pale yellow with a hint of gold, with clean aromas of citrus and white fruits (Apples and pears), dry fruits (hazelnuts and walnuts) together with aromas of baked cakes.

Its taste is lively, fresh and easy, with a subtle touch of citrus fruits and orange blossom.


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