The Murder by Marina Sebastián Traves

From: San Antonio de Benageber (Valencia)

It was seven minutes after midnight, when Selene, a neighbour of Queen Street, London, heard a noise from the apartment which was next door. Selene scared, called her husband, Zyan, and told him all she had heard. Zyan and Selene, with all the neighbours, went to check what had happened. They could open the door because the lock was broken. That night, nobody forgot what they saw, the fatality of Mrs.Rose’s death, a neighbor not very known in the building. Immediately, Selene very scared, called the Police.They investigated, searching for prints, blood…and especially, in what was the victim involved in?


After that night, the neighbours couldn’t rest in peace, scared for what happened.

After a few weeks, the police informed them that they couldn’t find any suspect.

Selene, decided to investigate by herself, because she couldn’t stand the feeling of insecurity because the guilty person was still free.


Two weeks after investigating, Selene went to the police station.

She gave to the police a personal computer that she found in a secret place in in Mrs.Rose’s house.


Selene, went to investigate the scene of the second death.

At the entrance the police stopped her. She had to tell them everything she had investigated during the last two weeks.    The police were impressed by the important discovery that Selene got by herself.



They found an email in her mailbox saying  ‘I´M COMING FOR YOU,YOU SHALL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID’


The police  found the address of the sender of that mail. Immediately they went to the address.There lived Mr.David. The police had to break the door down, because Mr.David refused to open it.They captured him while he tried to escape through the window.

Detained in the police station, he confessed his crime.

He was crazy in love with Mrs.Rose, but after two months  , she got tired of him, and she decided to stop the relationship. He got mad about that, and killed her after a serious argument in her apartment.


If Selene never discovered the computer, this case could never had been closed.

Selene was  very proud of herself.



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