Millenial Kraftwerk from Chert

The olive tree has fascinated mankind for years; not only does it produce the fruit that produces olive oil, lynchpin of the famous Mediterranean diet, but its twisting gnarled trunks excite the imagination, conjuring up all kinds of images.


It is also a tree of legendary significance; after the flood, it was an olive branch that was brought back to Noah, and Picasso put an olive twig in the mouth of the dove as his symbol of peace.

Furthermore it burns slowly, but only as a last resort.

One small company that has seen the full potential of the olive is Los Oliveros, artisan craftsmen at Chert, Castellón who can make just about anything from the wood of the olive.

In 1982 Oliver Horst Högl first visited Chert and decided to leave his native Germany and dedicate his talents to the mastery of the mystery of olive wood.


Since then his company has continued to produce articles for the home, mainly for the kitchen, using older wood that no longer serves its purpose of producing fruit.


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