There is a little bit of Guatemala in Valencia now since Mayancoffee opened its doors.
What hits you first of all is the scent of freshly toasted and ground coffee, and after that the abundance of coffee sacks, most of which have been adapted as decor and upholstered into the furniture.
Photos and traditional paintings of Guatemala and its ancient temples also abound, not to mention a large giraffe.
Pleasant music plays as you sip your coffee (one of the best in the city if a little expensive) and check your e mail on the wi fi (the password is, intriguingly ELMAGNIFICO).
There is a coffee of the week to sample, pastries to gorge on and a hand knitted cockrel serviette holder, as well as in-use and abandoned machinery involved in the coffee making process.
Tucked in behind the Torres de Quart, with their Napoleonic cannonball holes, Mayancoffee is a pleasant place to while away a few minutes.

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