London (Ontario) Calling Natra

The Valencian chocolate and cacao derivatives company Natra has opened a new factory in Canada, at London, Ontario, to satisfy the demands of the Great American Sweet Tooth.

natra factory

Natra has also opened a commercial office in Toronto, making it their second in North America, added to the existing one in San Diego, California, where Natra has operated since 1986.

The factory has begun production with 15 employees, and hopes to reach 20 before the end of 2014, and over 50 before the end of 2015.

The Project supposes an investment of 12 million euros, and is a further example of expansión of a Valencian company that now operates in 60 countries throughout the 5 continents.

Back in 1943 three young Valencian chemists invented a process for extracting theobromine, an alkaloid very similar to caffeine, which is only found in the cocoa bean. That was the humble beginning of Natra, which now makes the whole world a sweeter place to live.

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