‘Local’ girl makes good

 By Chris Dennison
The very popular and highly talented American singer Erin Corine, who graduated from Berklee and graced Ruzafa and the Valencian music scene for a few years before moving to Madrid, will be appearing in one of the concerts in Viveros during July.
Erin and her group the Radio Souls will be the curtain-raiser for Gloria Gaynor on Monday 25 July.
Erin Corine is from Chicago, where, from a very early age and encouraged by her parents, she began to feel her passion for music. With her mixture of classical and contemporary music studies, she offers a unique vision of Afro-American music. She mixes Soul, Funk, Gospel, Blues, and a touch of jazz with the ease of someone speaking their mother tongue.
In this concert she will offer a tribute to the great soul music of the 60s & 70s, 80s & 90s to the present day, a unique creative mixture of classic soul, popular soul and neo-soul.

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