Lanterns by Héctor Guillén Manzanera,


It was seven minutes after midnight; the corridor was dark as the whole school. The dark corridors, being lit-up by children’s lanterns, looked sinister. Children left open porter’s office door to be used as their access and escape route. Unfortunately, they were at the other side of the school. Alex dragged his two friends to this clandestine adventure. Their reason to be there had to do with murmurs about a ghost in the school. A teacher found dead in a classroom at the beginning of course, was the origin of this story. The imagination of the students did the rest.


Robert and John were unable to refuse this crazy adventure without being in evidence. When one is 12 years old, pride is very important to the group. But pride was about to be engulfed by fear flanking each step introducing them in the bowels of the dark center. Several sounds as high and clear as mysterious lead them to this area of college. They were ready to leave behind as they had promised to keep silence. A new noise called their attention towards the central yard’s windows. No one lit-up as full moon was the best light source. In the center of the yard they saw what seemed to be an 8 year old girl. She was dressed in  a white suit, as white as her skin contrasting her black long hair almost reaching the floor level.

Her arms so long reaching her knees. It also called their attention a small body being dragged by one of her long arms. It was a 4 to 5 year old child. An inert body moving along the rhythmic pulls coming from the mysterious shape walking along.

Robert’s lantern fell down. She suddenly turned. Illuminated by the moon, her eyes shine showing an iris bigger than any other human eye. The children bow, but fear makes them breathe so hard that almost revealed their presence. They tried to stop breathing and refine hearing. The footsteps dragging the body went towards them slowly and unmistakably.

John started to run as he never did before. But was unable to leave behind his friends. Robert even overtook him. They toured the school without looking back and got out through the door.

John and Robert didn’t want even to talk about it. Alex told them his intention to come back again the next night. They never saw Alex again. The teacher told them that his family had moved. Both friends were silent, as they had agreed. But for the rest of the course, they did not stop looking at their backs.


Francisca Matamoros

CEIP 8 Abril. San Antonio de Benageber.


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