La Pizarra Opositores

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‘La Pizarra Opositores’ is a benchmark in the Public Teacher Certification sector creating the best teaching workforce.

The first network of Academies in the Valencian Community specializing in Public Sector Teacher Certification Tests, has achieved the highest number of successful academies with a 90% passing rate. The pioneering methodology carried out by the professionals of this network, with headquarters in the three main Valencian provinces, make it a reference in the field of Public Sector Teacher Certifications.

“Nobody so close will take you so far.” With this motto, ‘La Pizarra Opositores’ is defined as the first Network of Academies in the Region of Valencia specialized in Public Sector Teacher Certification Tests, mainly in the field of children’s education and ONLINE training. With offices in the three provinces, ‘La Pizarra Opositores’ is undoubtedly distinguished by its unique, pioneering, comprehensive and personalized methodology.

A form of work that translates into a large number of passed certifications, higher than 90%. It is the highest aptitude rate of all the academies in the Valencian Community in recent certification exams and reaffirms the differentiating character of this team of professionals. ‘La Pizarra Opositores’ has offices in Valencia, Elche, Burriana, Gandía and Alicante.

So, what is the key to success in preparing for this certification period? The teaching team offers a work methodology that tries to transfer to new teachers everything that they would have liked to receive when they were taking their certification exams. A fundamental value that comes accompanied by the organisation’s own methodology in which the technical basis of training and innovation configure a unique working environment for the new teaching generation.

The teaching staff at ‘La Pizarra Opositores’ accompany their students in the whole process in a close, personalized and human way with a firm purpose: to transmit enthusiasm to the examinee, the desire to surprise the tribunal, passion in the elaboration of didactic programming, coherence and creativity in the resolution of assumptions as well as originality in drafting the study program.

The specialties for which examinees can prepare for are children’s education, primary education, English, therapeutic pedagogy, physical education and music among others. In addition, all examinees have the possibility to prepare online through their eXeLearning platform, with its innovative methodology, from anywhere in Spain.

‘La Pizarra Opositores’ offers, in short, a new way of work that gives a 180% turnaround to the traditional way of preparing for Teacher Certification Entry Exams, a fact that has made them a reference in the sector and also contributes to making candidates lose irrational fear, enabling students to show the best version of themselves in the most important examination period of their professional lives.


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