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Being an Erasmus student involves taking a series of important decisions. However, if you’d rather dedicate your neurons to the pursuit of the Valencian students’ dream: sun, sand, sangria and Scandinavian girls, then Stanboo might be the solution.

Stanboo is Daniel Pérez, Veridiano Pérez and Jorge Torres, and the idea came about when they were Erasmus students and realised how good it would have been to have had an organisation like Stanboo.


They aimed for a way in which students could book from their home country and arrive in Spain with no surprises, apart from pleasant ones like the climate, the food, the beaches and…..did I mention the Scandinavian girls?

As regards accomodation, Stanboo offers two options: you can rent your room once you have arrived to the city, after visiting the flat or a series of flats that suit you, accompanied by the Stanboo team, or book the room or flat you like after cruising their website and have it waiting for you the day you arrive.

Other services include a welcome pack in order to make your arrival easier and more comfortable and medical insurance at the best price, as well as languages courses.

You can also earn money by recommending Stanboo to friends and acquaintances.

If you are not the kind of person who makes friends easily, or if the language is a problem, the Stanboo Club was created to make your visit to Valencia as easy as falling off a bar stool, and you can take part in their numerous parties, events and all kind of sporting activities that they organize.

They can also offer a welcome pack to take care of all those bureaucratic inconveniences, including bank accounts, mobile phone cards, medical insurance, discount cards and airport pick up; everything in fact except the Scandinavian girl, which you’ll have to sort out for yourself.

In its first year operating, Stanboo has mostly attracted clients from France, Italy, Turkey and Slovakia to Valencia, although they are now expanding to offer the same services to other Spanish university cities and to other nationalities.


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