Javier Alvarez Finds the Route

Javier Alvarez is a Valencian biologist and journalist who has travelled the world working on a multitude of projects.


‘The Route’ is one such project, a documentary which relates the experience of Spanish entrepreneurs attending a course in Boston at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where they faced real problems and looked for real solutions through case studies involving contact with real companies.


Both Javier and the other participants were able to enjoy an eye-opening experience of what entrepreneurship can really mean in a propitious environment such as the USA, interacting with a wide variety of nationalities from countries such as Bangla Desh or Canada.



One of Javier’s most recent initiatives has been his involvement in a project in Qatar, where he has worked on a promotional video for a macro-leisure and residential complex and amusement park, including a 7 star hotel.

Javier’s company is called Troppemedia and is dedicated to the production of all kinds of audio-visual production, with special reference to scientific, technical and environmental matters.


It was Javier’s biology background that led to his involvement in the founding and maintenance of Valencia’s Oceanographic marine park, and his training as a journalist in Madrid that brought his two careers together in his endeavour to create quality documentaries and promotional videos.

This work has taken him all over the world, paving the way for Spanish companies such as Adif, Renfe or Siemens, to achieve contacts in Bogota, Cape Town and Copenhagen.

He has also participated in rehabilitation activities in foreign museums such as Rumania’s Gregorio Antipa Natural Science Museum on the Black Sea coast.

Javier’s search for new and productive experiences has also seen him collaborating with various NGOs in Peru, Bolivia and Kenya, largely producing documentary and visual material for fund and awareness-raising for NGOs dedicated to health matters, especially related to eyesight.


In Kenya, the project consisted of trying to ensure that nomadic tribes threatened by trachoma took a single tablet each year to eradicate the disease in five, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.


Javier was director of the documentary ‘5 miradas’, about the competition for the design of the Parque Central of Valencia, and now he is in conversations to direct a new documentary when the construction works of the park start.


There are many roads to Rome, and many routes from Valencia, and thanks to entrepreneurs such as Javier, many Valencians are taking them and competing for prestigious projects worldwide.





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