Hollywood and History

Hollywood and History got off to a great start on the morning of November 28th 2014 when a group of adult FPA students accompanied by their English teacher Angels Gonzàlez, visited the museum for the first edition of the project.


After a tour of the museum in English, the students spent an hour looking at and listening to the film EL Cid, starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren, while Valencia International editor Bob Yareham examined the differences between Hollywood’s version of history and historical reality.


The L’Iber Museum http://www.museoliber.org which has the largest collection of toy soldiers in the world, and Valencia International invite teachers to visit the museum with their students to participate in the project History and Hollywood.


The project History and Hollywood for Bachillerato students was launched in the academic year 2014/2015.

The project Hollywood and History is designed to:

Offer a CLIL activity combining History, English, Cinema and Tourism studies.

Explain and promote cinema tourism (all the films in the series are English language films made in Spain).

Encourage students to question the Hollywood version of History and examine the motives for the differences between fact and fiction in the movies.

Offer an activity that permits students to experience films in the original version and interact with a native speaker.

Examine the pedagogical material in the museum that is related to the film.

The project also includes a tour of the museum in English, accompanied by English and History teacher Bob Yareham, Editor of Valencia International.

The activity is being sponsored by Banco Sabadell, and is free for a limited number of schools until the agreed quota of schools is reached.

Teachers interested in this initiative should contact Remy at    rgarcia@museoliber.org

First come, first served.





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