Biocom: the Air that we Breathe

Normally when baby you can drive my car, sunflower, soyabean and palm oil aren’t the first things that spring to mind, and yet, thanks to Valencian company Biocom, the day may come when we will all be driving with a liitle help from these friends, instead of burning nasty fossil fuels, and oh yes, saving the planet from mass destruction etc and Armageddon maybe baby.
Biodiesel contains 11% oxygen which gives a higher cetane number. A higher cetane number ensures better and more complete combustion and therefore a greater benefits ratio and smoother running engine. In addition, this complete combustion reduces the formation of soot in the motor which keeps it cleaner for longer; getting better every day.
Biodiesel provides greater lubrication than diesel, so the engine is better maintained with less wear.
Biodiesel is also a stronger organic solvent than diesel, helping to remove dirt and keep the engine clean.
When you use biodiesel, not only will you have cleaner air but your health and your family’s health will benefit. This is due to biodiesel emissions providing UV protection from the sun, helping to prevent skin diseases, premature wrinkling from sun exposure and other disorders that are currently encouraged by the toxins emitted by traditional hydrocarbons. This is the best legacy for your children: An environment that future generations can enjoy that is purer, healthier and stronger.
On the other hand you can adopt the Homer Simpson philosophy and ask: “what have future generations ever done for me?”
The facts are incontestable; with biofuels……
• 52% less particulate pollutants.
• 99% less SO2 because there is no sulphur in the production oils.
• Less than 90% aromatic hydrocarbons.
• 63% less unburned hydrocarbons.
• 22% less CO because biodiesel is oxygenated.
• 45% less CO2.
In addition, biodiesel is biodegradable by 99% in just 28 days, helping to avoid natural disasters due to spills.
And this is not a wild, futuristic fantasy; it’s here, it’s now, and it’s Valencian.
Biocom is based in Algemesí and also has a plant in Cuenca.


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