Insectfit: Waiter, There isn’t a Fly in my Soup!

In England, when we don’t like or don’t agree with something, we will often say “that’s not cricket!” In other words it’s not fair or gentlemanly. However, in the near future, this phrase may become commonly heard in restaurants if three Valencian entrepreneurs get their way.

Insectfit is a company based in Alicante which is trying to persuade people that eating insects (and especially all Kung Fu lovers’ favourite the grasshopper, or cricket) is not only not disgusting, but is actually very healthy.

Many Asian countries already include insects in their daily diets, and if Francisco Rodríguez (CTO), Gabriel Vicedo (CEO) and Alberto Mas (COO) from the province of Alicante get their way, the rest of us may soon being enjoying ants with our anchovies, beetles with our beef or horseflies with our haggis.

And why not; apart from the fact that there are not enough swallows and bats to control the insect population, they are full of all the ingredients you need for a healthy, happy life, such as, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, omega 3 and 6, as well as proteins, minerals and vitamins; so much so that you may soon begin to wonder why you ever ate anything else.

The company is focusing on the health and fitness market, on gyms and health food shops, where athletes can feel the benefits of watching their waistlines with a wasp or mashing their maladies with a mosquito.

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